Open Storage Sheds

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Open storage sheds are quick and easy to erect.

Available from 2.25m long to 6m.  These flat-pack shelters make ideal bike sheds, smoking shelters and Log Stores.

They are also used for sheltered seating at sports grounds and football clubs.  With an internal height of 2m, there is plenty of headroom for standing up.

Galvanised construction protects the steel panels from rust and corrosion, so your shelter will look good for years to come.

A great Bin Store solution for building facilities management. Bin Storage Containers large enough to be a Bin Store Triple. Capable of keeping several communal bins safe from the weather and out of sight.

The de-mountable, flat-pack assembly allows for quick removal and cost-effective transport, should you wish to move the shed to a different location.  They can also be lifted by crane or forklift to allow for on-site handling.

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